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Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic massage
lymphatic massage is a gentle touch therapy that promotes health and aids in recovery from certain illnesses. This powerful yet subtle technique can reduce or prevent fluid retention, enhance the removal of toxins from body tissues, and support the immune system. Also called lymphatic drainage, lymphatic massage is a standard treatment in European hospitals and clinics, and is increasingly used in North America.
Reduction Of  Swelling- whether swelling is due to injury, surgery, cancer treatment or an illness such as sinusitis or fibromyalgia, lymphatic massage can reduce pain and inflammation associated with fluid retention.

Take time out for foot and head massage

 Don't have time for a full body one hour massage,  schedule a 30 min foot or scalp massage.
With its origins in India, scalp massage is a relatively new addition to the different types of massage therapy available in the West but it is rapidly gaining in popularity.
Scalp massage is quick to receive , and does not involve undressing or necessarily using oils. Scalp massage is effective in dealing with a range of physical and emotional complaints, especially those that are stress related.

Massage and problem sinuses

Structurally the sinuses are four air filled pockets situated in the skull and in the face. These cavities are lined with mucous membrane that often gets inflamed, which can range from the low level discomfort of a stuffed nose to a more serious and painful infection. Face massage can help diminish discomfort in the cheeks and forehead, reduce pressure around the eyes and clear stuffed-up noses caused by a sinus infection. Its soothing action can also help alleviate strong emotional states associated with sinusitis, such as stress and worry, irritation, guilt and grief.

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Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage
Take time out for foot and head massage
Massage and problem sinuses


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massage and problem sinuses
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